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Arts & Crafts Center

Theme: Arts & Crafts Center to promote Spanish traditional Crafts

Location: Chinchon, Madrid.


 Chinchon has a local architectural tradition of patio houses which fill with empty spaces its urban frame, being its most characteristic void the Plaza Mayor. At the south, another of its landmarks, the Castle, and next to it, a void apparently with no value that hides a stage towards the town of Chinchon. The aim of the project is to revalue this void by trying to combine all types of local traditions, both typological and cultural. Located on the turistic route between the Plaza Mayor and the Castle, it would be used to introduce the visitor to the local craftsmanship, maintaining the pre-existing green path and adding another alternative route under cover activating the tour. It is designed as a self-sufficient element that allows adaptability and development over time, fitting each piece as if it was a puzzle. This piece also allows collecting with a single element with detachable facings the different functions of the center: from the production of crafts in workshops to their exposure to the public.

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