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Social Activator Center

Theme: Social activation of urban peripheries with an immigrant majority

Location: Industrial Park Cobo Calleja (Fuenlabrada, Madrid).


The Industrial Park Cobo Calleja is the largest Chinese business area in Europe and one of the industrial centers with the highest concentration of business in Europe. The urban fabric is indebted to its origin as an industrial park, with orthogonal paths and succession of industrial buildings of rectangualar plant attached by its long side or separated by narrow service steps. The incorporation of showcases as well as restaurants and other services is superimposing qualities of traditional neighborhood on the old industrial urbanization in a place away from the center of Fuenlabrada, creating as a consequence an unexpected urban and social outskirkts city.  

The main objective is to accelerate the process of urban life creation of the park intervening in its main artery. The action must pursue the social integration opening easily reconvertible meeting places so that they can alleviate the shortcomings of each moment. After studying along the time the existing connection of the park and its closest urban area, Fuenlabrada, and analyzing the most activating elements we can distinguish different groups: green, cultural, meeting and tasting. These groups are connected with their different routes arriving at a meeting point between them in the areas that are mean to be activated, becoming this area as an activating center. The accessibility of the project is organized through these routes that come from the municipality of Fuenlabrada or the actual Industrial Park of Cobo Calleja at different levels according to the needs and the origin of the route. In this way, the Social Activation Center would work as a continuation of the streets.

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